How to effectively combat moles in spring ?

Spring brings with it a multitude of joys: the awakening of nature, the return of migratory birds and the explosion of colors in our gardens. However, for many gardeners, spring can also mean an influx of moles and their messy mounds of dirt. Fortunately, there are effective methods to combat these little underground creatures without resorting to methods that are harmful to the environment. Here are some tips for keeping your garden intact and your lawn spotless.

Before starting an effective fight against the moles that invade your garden, it is crucial to understand their behavior. These subterranean animals dig galleries in search of food, including insects, earthworms and other small prey. The mounds of dirt dotting your outdoor space are the result of their incessant digging for food.

To deter moles from settling in your garden, several natural solutions are available to you. Plants like crown imperial, hyacinth, garlic and fennel, thanks to their strong aromas and expansive roots, are known to repel them. By placing them strategically, you can effectively discourage moles from establishing themselves in your green space.

Another effective method to prevent mole infestation is to set up an underground barrier. This involves installing a metal mesh grid or garden netting to a depth of at least 30 centimeters below the soil surface. This measure will prevent moles from digging and entering your garden.

In case moles have already taken up residence in your garden, you can resort to the use of human traps to capture them and release them in a more suitable location, away from your property. It is essential to check traps regularly and release captured moles as soon as possible.

Finally, an eco-friendly approach to controlling the mole population in your garden is to encourage their natural predators such as owls, snakes and foxes. By providing them with suitable habitats, such as nest boxes for owls or log piles for snakes, you help maintain the natural balance of your garden while reducing the presence of moles.

The optimal treatment to effectively fight against moles

The Stop Mole treatment presents itself as an optimal and complete solution for the effective management of moles in your garden. Equipped with a powerful elimination capacity, it acts quickly and precisely, causing the mole to disappear in just five minutes after it has ingested the product. This ultra-attractive paste has been specially developed to attract moles without causing taste repulsion, thus guaranteeing its maximum effectiveness.

This treatment is also distinguished by its ingenious formula, undetectable by the moles themselves, thus ensuring a remarkable economic return. At a ratio of one mole killed per bait, an amount as modest as 500 baits may be enough to get rid of up to 500 moles.

In addition to its proven effectiveness, Stop Mole treatment is also synonymous with safety. Designed in strict compliance with safety standards, it represents no danger for the user or for other occupants of the treatment site. Additionally, its long duration of action, guaranteed for up to 12 months, provides prolonged peace of mind, eliminating the need for frequent recourse to mole control solutions.

Versatile in nature, the Stop Mole treatment is suitable for a wide variety of burrowing mammals, including not only moles, but also marmots, badgers, field mice and voles. Its ease of use makes it a tool accessible to all, with easy application directly in galleries and mole holes.

In short, the Stop Mole treatment embodies the quintessence of the fight against moles, offering a global, safe, fast and economical solution to protect your garden from the ravages of these unwanted burrowers.

By following these simple but effective tips, you can protect your garden from the ravages of moles while preserving the environment and biodiversity. With a little patience and perseverance, you can fully enjoy your spring garden without the hassle of moles.